5-Star Editorial Review for Awakening

Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Awakening: The Unari Experiment is a work of science fiction written for adults and penned by author Brian Harad, and it forms the second novel of the series. Containing explicit language, graphic violence and some sexual situations, this edgy and thrilling work takes us straight back into the action where the first novel, Homecoming, left off. The genetically disguised Byron Hollington, now known as Thundercloud, finds himself transformed into an Alicorn and adjusting to a totally different life to the one which he knew on earth. In the care of the exiled Dandarra, he finds comfort and assistance, but their bond causes way more problems than it solves as time moves on in Unarian society. Author Brian Harad takes his readers, quite literally, to another world with this high-concept science fiction work about incredible creatures in a society that sometimes mirrors our own. The dedication to the lore of the society, its powers, customs, and structure is spot on, delivering a fully-fledged introduction for both Thundercloud and the reader into the world of these incredible creatures. Character development takes center stage in the early parts of the novel, as Thundercloud and Dandarra bond via compelling dialogue and well-described scenes of emotive intimacy. The sparks which fly as a result, and that ricochet out into wider society, provide true impetus for the plot to take flight and impress with its vicious twists and turns. Overall, Awakening: The Unari Experiment is certain to impress fans of book one, and makes for a compelling sci-fi read in its own right.

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