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Completed - 2nd Edition to Book 1

Homecoming has finally been completed for the 2nd edition. The first 5 chapters have been edited. Should not be long now. Once all chapters have been edited and everything looks good, I can then decide whether or not to publish. I will still be adding a book cover and design elements and I would like to get a few beta readers (send a message if interested).

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After some good feedback, I've decided to once again redo a couple of things. The main arc of the books and series remains the same however some of the characters needed to be recreated. Once done I

Book 1 2nd Edition Completed

I have completed Homecoming (2nd Edition) and have posted it on several online sites such as Wattpad, Inkkit and Booksie. All 3 are free to sign up and read. At the moment, it will not be published

2nd Edition of Book 1 Homecoming Update

Still in the editing phase. I think I have everything down that I want. Now it's just a matter of getting everything corrected to make sure it flows the way it should. Maybe by the end of Jan 2022?


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